Visa Application

Attendees from most countries will be required to obtain a visa to enter the People's Republic of China; Attendees can apply for a Chinese visa through a travel agency or directly at the nearest Chinese embassy.

If attendees apply for a tourist visa(i.e., L Visa), which will allow you attend the conference and sightseeing, an official visa invitation letter is not necessary from the CSP Workshop Committee. Note that no visa is required for ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan to visit China for up to 15 days for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends or transit. For more details please check

We would like to issue you an invitation letter signed by Jun-Wei Luo to assist you to obtain an L Visa. In this case, please send the following information to at your earliest convenience.

1)  Full Name (exactly as that in your passport)

2)  Date of birth

3)  Passport Number

4)  Your Nationality

5)  The Dates staying in China

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